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We are delighted to welcome NZ's newest cosmetic company Peachy to HAPA!

At last, a NZ made buildable lip and cheek colour that protects your skin! The Peachy Lip & Cheek Tints contain organic beeswax, jojoba and amino acids; these natural ingredients create a protective barrier on your skin, as well as reducing dryness, calming irritated skin, aiding in skin hydration and more.

So versatile whether you're popping colour or blending it up.
One swipe on your lips/cheeks = a luscious tint and glow, two swipes = deeper colour and hydration, three swipes = the ultimate bold and glossy lip or flushed cheek.
All Peachy Lip Co cosmetics are fragrance free for sensitive skin types.

🍑 Non sticky
🍑 Vegan
🍑 Long lasting
🍑 Cruelty free

COOKIE is the perfect milk chocolate brown shade! She's Nudie Rudie’s big sister, a couple of shades darker - but just as creamy, highly pigmented and easy to use.

LIFES PEACHY gives a gorgeous, peach glow to the cheeks & lips. 

CORAL Something a little bit special. Bright and vibrant, the Coral Lip & Cheek Tint will put a pep in your step whenever you swipe it on.

FLIRT The Flirt shade is soft and pretty, wear it for an every day look. 

NUDIE RUDIE Think MAC’s Velvet Teddy, but NZ made and oh-so-good for your lips!

Niki, Peachy founder:

"We are all about simplifying your beauty routine with gorgeous, high-quality, easy-to-use cosmetics. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming – there’s no right or wrong way to looking and feeling your best, especially if you have fun in the process.
We’re not makeup artists or beauty bloggers, we’re regular women who love all things beauty"

This item is designed and made in New Zealand

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