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Keep your plants healthy and glowing with the Plantbuds plant care products! We have Liquid Plant Food for fast growth and Leaf Shine & Protect for healthier, glossier leaves.

Liquid Plant Food (100ml)

This product is a highly concentrated formula which has been designed for indoor plants to give them the nutrients they require to grow and strengthen from root to shoot all year round.
Made with a blend of the worlds finest kelp seaweeds and trace elements, your plants will be stoked with their new best bud.
This product is almost odorless and easy to use with its own dropper. Simply add to your watering can or spray bottle and water your plants as usual.

Leaf Shine & Protect (250ml)

This product gives your plants' foliage a glossy glow and helps them grow! The pre-mixed ready-to-use formula sprays on easily, keeping your plants healthy and dust-free (essential for photosynthesis).
With ingredients like organic cold-pressed neem seed oil and organic lavender essential oil that won’t block plant pores, your plants to not only feel good but look good too.

About Plant Buds:

"I'm a Kiwi girl, who like so many, has an obsession with indoor plants! Small, tall, big, furry, shiny.. you name it and I love it (talking about plants here.. and dogs).
I also love beautiful easy-to-use products, but struggled to find New Zealand made options that you would want to display on your shelves. Only big bulky products most would keep hidden away in the garage/shed. For me, this meant I didn't use them nearly enough.
So many people have beautiful plants, so why not have beautiful products too? That's where the idea of Plantbuds came along! I want to help locals support locals, and for everyone to love the products they are using. My trial groups plants went through a rigorous 10 months training, and I can happily say no plants were injured or killed in the making of Plantbuds"

These products are made in New Zealand

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