Martyn Milligan

Martyn Milligan Pohutukawa blossom leaf necklace


This stunning necklace is hand made by renowned jeweller Martyn Milligan and features stg silver leaves and pohutukawa flowers,

The Pohutukawa is the New Zealand Christmas tree as it blossoms that time of the year and has bright red flowers against the green leaves. These trees have an ability to survive in precarious places, from rocky cliffs to the sandy shores of our beaches. It is vibrant in its brilliant display of red flowers. The blossom, Kahika, is a mass of stamens. The Pohutukawa has an important place in our NZ culture.

This necklace is made in solid Sterling Silver with a dash of durable red ochre on the blossoms.

Flower 20x20mm, standard length 44cm

This item is handmade in New Zealand

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