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Tākaro Card Game - Bits + Bobs


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This is an incredibly simple and fun game for the whole whanau! From NZ company Game Kings, each card features a number of symbols, and each of these symbols will have a direct Māori translation, which players will need to memorise and learn.

Players will flip over two cards competing to find the matching symbols; the first player to call out the correct translation wins the round.

Expand your vocabulary with this new version - utilising everyday household objects ie "Bits + Bobs"!

Tākaro can be played by ages 4+ with each round lasting 10-15 minutes. It will rely on the recognition of 57 various symbols, and the correct pronunciation of their Māori names.

By the end of the game, players will be able to confidently recall a number of the symbols and their corresponding Te Reo Māori translations helping to expand their vocabulary.

57x playing cards
8x reference cards

Winston Smith (Te Rarawa, Ngāti Kuri) started working for Game Kings in 2019 and he has been instrumental in helping with the language element of the game. “I'm studying for a bachelor in te reo Māori at the moment. It's very important for me, it reminds me of being in kura kaupapa and learning our language through song, repetition and kapa haka. It's one of my greatest achievements to able to say I contributed a tool, not just for the youth but the older generations.”

Administrator Poppy Joy Taylor-Moore (Te Atiawa) says reo speakers in her whanau are rare. The game has reconnected her to her language, “I'm part Māori myself and I wasn't brought up with my reo. Takaro has been good to connect again with my reo and help me learn some more words. And I want more people to experience that because there is a lot of Māori who don't speak te reo.”

Game Kings have made a commitment to donate its game to schools.

“For us, it was still really important that we wanted a game in every school in the country. The easy way was to send one to every school in the country. New Zealand Post supported us so they covered the cost of freight to all of the schools. It was 2.5 thousand shipments. It took us a week to pack them all and get them ready to go,” says co founder Eliot Jessep.

This item is made in New Zealand

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