Tania Tupu

Tania Tupu Poutama Kingfisher earrings


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This stunning pair of olive and teal blue earrings are by Nelson based jeweller Tania Tupu.

The Kingfisher is wearing a poutama cloak. This bird is known to perch in prominent places with a calm, patient, and watchful nature - here in New Zealand our native Kingfisher is known by its Maori name - Kōtare.

This poutama stepped design is often seen across tukutuku panels and woven crafts, representing our journey and quest for higher learning while striving for excellence.

Handcrafted 3-dimensional Kingfisher poutama panels on sterling silver hooks.

Dimensions: 40mm x 11mm excluding hook

This item comes packaged in a round Tania Tupu decorative gift box with a pine lid.

This pair of earrings are handmade in New Zealand

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