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This unique set of learning resources includes Ngā mata o te marama (Lunar Phases) and Ngā marama o te tau (Months of the Year) and has been created to use at home or in learning environments. 

This set of 48 cards includes;

Cover Cards & Instructions (2)
30 lunar phases - front of card - image & phase, back of card - explanation
13 months -  front of card - name, back of card - explanation
3 Guide cards, including a reference card
All cards include a blank box at the front for people to edit/ change the names of lunar phases/ months to their own iwi/hapu maramataka.   The Maramataka referenced in this resource is from Te Whānau ā Apanui - however you can edit with the blank box provided on each card. The lunar nights are also numbered for ease of use. 

On the back of the month cards is another blank box that people can record tohu/signs you observe in using the cards. Please note the short commentary on the cards is provided as a starting point for learning, you are encouraged to add to them as you learn more.

The cards are A7 sized (like playing cards) and satin matt so they are soft to touch and should not show marks after use. 


"The Maramataka is an ancient, complex and vast body of knowledge that takes people decades to become experts in.  Tuhi has created this resource in the hope that it sparks an appreciation and interest in this knowledge, and you begin a process of learning that will likely continue all your lifetime.  Observation is key.  Observe, record and learn, see the similarities, the changes, the impacts of one thing on another.  Understand that all things are connected, and you will find much joy in learning the Maramataka.

Tuhi Stationery helps you connect to, celebrate and use your language and culture in everyday stationery, planners and education resources. Our range of Māori and Samoan bi-lingual products are inspired by our language, culture, environment and values.
Established in 2018, we are a family owned business based in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland New Zealand). Our products can be bought in store, online, or at selected retailers nationwide.
We believe you should never leave your language or culture 'at the door', but embrace and use it everyday, in all the workplaces and spaces you are in"

Geneva Harrison (Ngāti Kahu, Te Rarawa, Te Aupōuri

This product is from a NZ Māori Designer

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