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Tuhi Premium Notebook - Whakawhetai


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This is a beautiful notebook/journal from Tuhi Stationery.

Whakawhetai - To give thanks & be grateful. If you love to record gratitude each day, but don't like the 'busyness' of many other gratitude journals in the market - then this is perfect for you.

This notebook is from their premium range of notebooks, made of PU leather with Rose Gold foiling. This notebook can be used for everyday purposes to record notes, but also includes a prompt on each page to express your gratitude.

The notebook includes;
Reminders of what is important as a reference page
Table of Contents
Lined numbered 100gsm pages with a design on each page
Hard cover
3 Ribbons

"Tuhi Stationery helps you connect to, celebrate and use your language and culture in everyday stationery, planners and education resources. Our range of Māori and Samoan bi-lingual products are inspired by our language, culture, environment and values.
Established in 2018, we are a family owned business based in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland New Zealand). Our products can be bought in store, online, or at selected retailers nationwide.
We believe you should never leave your language or culture 'at the door', but embrace and use it everyday, in all the workplaces and spaces you are in.

Ko wai ahau?
Geneva Harrison (Ngāti Kahu, Te Rarawa, Te Aupōuri)
I was raised in the Far North of New Zealand by my maternal grandparents who via a traditional arranged marriage (taumau) had 14 children - then I came along! I never realised the blessings I had as a mokopuna (grandchild) growing up in that environment, within our tribal area and being immersed in our whanau, marae, iwi life. I had a very simple, but rich childhood, exposed to a way of living that I did not realise would become so uncommon in generations to come.
My grandfather was a mihinare (Anglican) minister, Chairperson of our marae, Iwi Board member, he was very active in our community and kept diaries to keep on track of his busy schedule. With such a large whanau, we had no choice but to garden, fish and hunt, it was a way of life that I took for granted.
Flash forward many decades later, working in corporate spaces I struggled to find planners that celebrated our own language and culture, incorporated what was important to us, and were of a quality that I would want to retain for years to come, that would be of interest to my own mokopuna, as my grandfathers diaries were a treasure to me. 
Our pakihi Māori (Māori business) has evolved over time, different people have come and gone into our business, the product range has expanded, and like many businesses, we have had our share of highs and lows along the way.
But our values have remained the same, and our vision to provide quality resources that celebrates who we are, is as strong today as it was when we started.
We hope you enjoy your purchase, and that our stationery brings you joy everyday in using. Ngā mihi"

This product is from a NZ Māori Designer

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