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Experience the remarkable benefits of Whenua Honey's 5+ UMF™ Manuka Honey, sourced from carefully tended beehives nestled in the serene landscapes of Waihau Bay & Potaka on the East Coast of New Zealand.

This raw honey is amazing with yoghurt and fruit, or drizzled over granola and muesli for a fantastic breakfast treat. 

The honey is raw, meaning it is always unpasteurised and minimally filtered retaining its natural properties. Raw Manuka honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

Location: Waihau Bay & Potaka, Eastcoast, Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Beekeeper: Eugene Hunia
Ingredients: Pure Manuka Honey

The UMF™ grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka honey, and assures purity & quality. Please see www.umf.org.nz.

Whenua Honey Korero:

At Whenua Honey, we don't claim to have magical bees or secret techniques that make our honey extraordinary. In fact, we believe that the best way to experience honey is in its purest form, straight from the comb to your container. We embrace simplicity and let nature do the talking.
What sets our honey apart is the land from which it originates and the whānau who call it home. For far too long, large corporations have exploited Māori land without adequately giving back to the landowners. In response to this, Whenua Honey was born. "Whenua" means land in Māori, and it symbolizes our deep connection to the earth we belong to.
We take a conscientious approach, prioritising quality over quantity. Our hives are crafted with recycled native timber sourced locally, supporting sustainability and honoring the spirit of our ancestors. During the peak season, we work tirelessly, from sunrise to sunset, with the help of our dedicated family and friends, placing our hives all over the breathtaking East Cape.
The result? Honey that reflects the wild and pure essence of the land it is born from—untouched by pesticides and filled with the rich flavors and beneficial properties that only nature can provide. When you indulge in our Mānuka Honey & Oil, you're not just savoring a product; you're experiencing a taste of our ancestral heritage.
What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our community, whānau, and friends. We work hand in hand with Māori landowners who continue to cherish the land of their forefathers. These deep-rooted connections and relationships form the core of our values and guide every aspect of our business.
Now, we invite you to become a part of our Whenua Honey family. Experience the exquisite flavors, the natural goodness, and the profound love we pour into every jar of our taonga (gift). From our whānau to yours, arohanui—much love—flows through every drop of Whenua Honey.

This item is (obviously!) made in New Zealand

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