Zazi Clever Spoons Set


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Introducing this awesome range of products for tamariki by NZ designer Zazi.

Finally, spoons that actually fit a child's mouth! 

Designed by a Speech and Language Therapist, Clever Spoons are the perfect starter spoon from the beginning of the solids journey and beyond. 

What sets them apart from all the rest? They're meticulously designed to be just the right size for babies. They have a textured handle and a wide neck which prevents slippy little hands from sliding down onto the scoop. There's a notch at the back so you can hook them onto the side of plates and bowls, and when dropped, the scoop stays elevated off the floor. Suitable for all ages, taking baby from teething to self feeding.


A narrow scoop that fits in all mouths
Wide neck to support grip placement
Textured handle for more friction and grip
Notch at the back to hook onto plates and bowls
The right length for children
Scoop stays elevated from the floor when dropped
Come in a set of two for spoon-switching practice
Firm silicone to increase scooping success
Super easy to clean
Dishwasher safe
Freezer safe (-40° to 230°)
Free of BPA and phthalates
100% food grade silicone
Bacteria and mould resistant

"I'm so happy you're here! I'm Zazi, Mam of two and Speech and Language Therapist. With a background in coaching caregivers and educators, I decided to share how I play with my own kids to support their development. We launched the Zazi store when I struggled to find products that I knew from my training were beneficial for development. All Zazi products are designed and curated by me with child development in mind. My two children, August and Etta, are amazing product testers!"  

This item is made in New Zealand

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