Zorilla Renewal Face Oil


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This anti aging face oil is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin rich ingredients to reduce the sign of aging. Each oil has been specifically selected to ensure the viscosity and feel of the oil is sublime, as well of course providing great results.

With so many products aimed at reducing or mitigating the effects of excess oil on the skin, actually applying a face oil can seems weird. However, using the right face oil for men (i.e. one packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids) has some powerful moisturising and brightening effects.

For the naturally oily-skinned among us, a good face oil can actually help moderate your skin’s sebum production. Keeping your skin well moisturised with essential fatty acids signals to your skin that it already has enough oil, preventing an overproduction of sebum.

1. Jojoba Oil. This legend is also used in our beard oil and deodorants. It is easily, and deeply absorbed due to it's massive similarity to human sebum. It helps reduce excess production of your own sebum.

2. Calendula Infused Oil. A soothing and gentle oil rich is Vitamin E aids with tissue regeneration and can aid the effects of eczema. Infused into organic sunflower oil it high is essential fatty acids, and amazing for sensitive skin.

3. Rosehip Oil. Similarly to jojoba, it is fast absorbing and hydrating. Rich in Vitamin A and E it helps brighten skin ( great in Winter....) , boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of lines.

4. Argan Oil. Argan Oil has restorative cell regenerating properties. Its just great for aged or damaged skin. High in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. A real go to if you suffer from psoriasis, acne, eczema and wrinkles.

5. Vitamin E. Super moisturising and nourishing.

6. And finally "The King of Essential Oils "- Frankincense.

Astringent properties which are fast acting against razor burn and bumps. ( apply the oil after a warm towel hold on the area after shaving )
Astringent properties also tone the skin and tighten the skin.
Anti oxidant to repair the skin, and rejuvenate aged skin.
Anti inflammatory to soothe acne and restore damaged any epidermis.

1. Firstly upturn or lightly shake the bottle to ensure the oils are nicely mixed.
2. A few drops in the palms, rub together then press into your face with slight pressure covering all areas. You can use finger tips lightly or the base of your hand around your eyes and around the nose. The oil is great for around the neck line under the beard line as well. Also great to apply after shaving to reduce razor burn.

This oil is suitable for all/most skin types.

30ml bottle with dropper.

"Why are we called Zorilla? It just so happens the Zorilla African Polecat is the smelliest in the world, and we love the irony. So many brands use names of the big cats ( we all remember Lynx...) But just like the size of our country, we believe you do not need to be big, to be great. We kind of like his black and white slick markings as well.... mainly the black. 

To sum it up, our mission is: Normalise all products for men, and just make choices easy. Own the market of the best products for men, made here in New Zealand. Don't take stuff too seriously. We are only here once"

This product is made in New Zealand

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