Zorilla Solid Cologne


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NZ made Zorilla colognes are the smarter way to carry your fragrance! Totally portable, unbreakable, and alcohol free.
Reapply throughout the day completely unnoticed, and it's longer lasting than a liquid cologne. The Zorilla Solid Cologne tin is not going to smash in your bag, and it wont leak or melt (unless left in a hot car for hours...)

Made in New Zealand, the cologne comes presented in a tin, inside a book style box, perfect for gifting.The pocket size solid cologne tin perfect to carry all the time for top  ups throughout the day. The tin is opened with a sliding motion. 

They’re highly concentrated and wax-based — not water-based — much better for the planet! Just as effective and long-lasting as a liquid version.
To use, just swipe a finger across the cologne and apply to the pulse points on your neck and wrist.

"Why" Solid Cologne
Why is what we'd call a crowd-pleaser! Salty-sweet, spicy and creamy all at once, the scent is one that will be loved by men and women. A warm deliberate scent on the edge of the extreme. Be brave. Why is inspired by 'One Million'...said to be the sexiest scent ever. Top notes of mandarin and mint softening to base amber notes. 
Scent Family : Between Spicy and Woody Scent

"Zed" Solid Cologne - Winner Best Cologne 2023 Beard Awards
"Inspired by a clash of forces that no one can resist. Biting freshness combined with animal sensuality." The sea winds dominate. Zed is inspired by 'Invictus' - Grapefruit bursts and sensual guaiac wood prevails.
Scent Family : Woody Aquatic Scent

"Our colognes were created to confront the ridiculously over priced, over packaged international perfume industry, as well as of course smelling amazing, long lasting and produced in small batches here in New Zealand. And the old question... Why are we called Zorilla? It just so happens the Zorilla African Polecat is the smelliest in the world, and we love the irony. So many brands use names of the big cats ( we all remember Lynx...) But just like the size of our country, we believe you do not need to be big, to be great. We kind of like his black and white slick markings as well.... mainly the black. 

To sum it up, our mission is: Normalise all products for men, and just make choices easy. Own the market of the best cologne and deodorant for men, made here in New Zealand. Don't take stuff too seriously. We are only here once"

This product is made in New Zealand

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